Friday, January 02, 2009


got back to rio this morning after three days at the parallel universe music festival. The festival was amazing! It was on the beach, imagine paradise beach, with three stages and maybe 30,000 people. There were no hotels and everyone was in tents on the beach. Tired of the music just go to the beach or get a acai, a wonderful smoothy like drink made of fresh fruit, then back to the music. New years eve was quite exciting including lazer show and fireworks and I even danced until dawn.

There is a weird trend here at the beach to wear a utility type belt with all your valuables instead of say a backpack. I guess it is less likely to get stolen. I got to say it looks quite funny with a brazilian bikini although it does mean there are hundreds of tomb raider look-a-likes on the beach. Not bad.

I have the next five days here in rio checking out the sites, enjoying more beach, and meeting up with friends. It has been tough to find a hotel because everything is sold out with the new year so we just got a nice apartment for the week near the beach in the famous ipanema. hope you all had a nice new years. i will upload pics soon i promise. Check ya later