Monday, March 12, 2007

Calma Fali

Wut up y'all. The security situation here has been good the last couple days. In fact, we haven't had a single security incident in almost 5 days which is unusual. It is incredibly calm on the streets. I moved back into my house and spent the whole weekend there. It was nice to be in my own place again. In Dili everyone has returned to work, all stores are open, and people seem to feel security is good. Last week when the Timorese military came to town everyone stepped into line quick. They are afraid of the Timorese military unlike the international forces because the Timorese will actually punish someone. There was some violence suspected as a verdict from the trail of Lobato came out last week. Although it didn't happen. Turns out he actually got jail time although only 7.5 yrs for 4 counts of manslaughter. It was enough time not to upset some people and not extreme enough to upset others. It seems to have been a political verdict decision, but who knows. So things are calm again at least until the presidential election on April 9th. take care. lv jesse

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

metinaro pics

Water truck filling at the well we rehabilitated in Metinaro drastically reducing our expenses and increasing our water trucking efficiency.

My crew building a pit latrine. As you can see we a firm belief in safety. We also have the standard "guy leaning on a shovel", a guy sitting down, and the comic relief pointing at there shotty work.

Here we are finishing up a temporary 5 latrine block in the Metinaro IDP camp.

Finally able to upload a picture. Here is me at work doing a water survey in November.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Back in the doo doo

Got back into Timor last night after a week in Bali.  I ended up doing just what I needed to and nothing more.  a little shopping the first day then just relaxed the remainder of the week.  I was going to go for a hike, go surfing, go to ubud, and some other stuff but just decided sitting by the pool, eating well, and hanging about was a better.  I did end up going to a good dance club which I haven't done since coming back to Timor and got my dancing feet going again.  But really I just slept a lot. 
I came back to Timor just as security has begun to get worse.  Timor is on the international news again.  You can read about it on bbc and cnn.  Tension has risen and most people are not going to work, they are just waiting to see if the violence blows over.  I have asked that none of my staff come to work this week as it doesn't seem worth the risk.  Although we will keep some basic services going such as water trucking as it is important and could make things worse if it was stopped.  It is frustrating as we can't get work done in this automosphere.  I don't know but best case scenario for East Timor doesn't look great and worse case probably means civil war.  Who knows really with tons of rumors flying around.  I am pessimistic about Timor future but optimistic that the violence and political instability will not get worse.  The upcoming elections do seem unlikely to happen though and violence will probably continue at its current level.  AVI has decided to evacuate Timor again which is not a good sign.
The situation near my house is not great so sarah have are not staying there right now.  Our area is not bad but two really bad areas are on either side of us.  We got out yesterday after I returned and are now staying with friends.  As I left my house there was an illegal road block just down the street with glass rocks and maybe 50 youth.  They waved my by as to get me out before they were about the fight.  We will definitely wait until it gets a bit calmer before going back.  anyway still safer that US and way more interesting. lv jesse
flipflop...not a shoe...a lifestyle.


Safe and sound in Bali at last!  Bali is gorgeous.  It is weird being
in a real city again it is sort of making my head spin but i am on top
of it.

I left timor on Saturday with my giant duffel bag, an extra change of
underwear, my swim suit, and my toiletries.  Basically not much.  when
i got in I went straight to bed.  Woke up the next day to rain and
decided to jump into it early and get shopping out of the way.  I went
to the mall and bought some new clothes and a laptop.  With all that
out of the way I am going to spend the rest of my time relaxing on a
beach somewhere.

I met up with some other Timor people who are also in Bali last night for
dinner.  we ate at a french restaurant on the edge of some rice
patties.  It was quite spectacular, food and atmosphere.

Now i am at the beach near my hotel and making the hard
decisions...where to get a massage?  paz and lv