Sunday, October 02, 2011


Hey all, hope everyone is well. I had a good weekend. Took a trip over to a nearby island with a small group of friends. We had more than a good time and more than a few drinks, not necessarily in that order. I slept outside on the beach which is the best, at least until it started raining. In the middle of the day went for a quick finishing trip where I excelled in not only loosing a big fish but loosing the lure and line, watching it snap off the rod as the fish ran. Fortunately it wasn't actually my fault because it had been setup incorrectly but I still felt bad. I did however redeem myself by scoring a monstrous tiny little mackerel. Basically a pan fryer, haha. Later of course after cooking it late, after everyone was already full it got left out and quickly scarfed down by the bravest dog.

Anyway after returning to Majuro I moved house. Yes thats right, my beach bungalow was just not enough for me anymore. Well really it was too much. I was lonely in a 4 bedroom house 30min from town all by myself. So last week I found a nice small place just on the edge of town, 5 min from work and have now made the move. I have traded beach for convenience and old bungalow for sleek new appliances. I am happy with the move and now more comfortable in a clean and more sociable place.

Looking forward to my trip home in two weeks. Will be home for a week, then going to wedding in Indiana and 3 days in DC before coming back. Will be a whirlwind tour.

Hope all is well. lv jesse

Jesse Shapiro