Sunday, September 16, 2007


Back in Timor again after a relaxing and cleansing week in Bali. I have included just one photo from my second to last night when I went to see a traditional dance. It is the same one in the opening scene in Baraka the movie. You know with all the "click-click-click-ing" It was beautiful although a bit more catering to tourist then the one in the movie.

This weekend we were up for another trip especially since it was my roommate, Sarah's, Birthday. Sarah had always wanted to goto Jago island at the eastern tip of East Timor and this was a big reason to finally do it. 9 of us took the 7 hr car ride out. My car stopped in Baucau for Friday night to break up the long trip and I were able to spend a short bit of time with my family who were all well. It was interesting to hear their stories about the troubles in Baucau from last month when multiple buildings were burned down or damaged. All the buidings were in a rocks throw of their house which was quite scary. Even the preschool was burned out leaving the oldest child in the family, who is only 5, with no more school. Now he is back to being a trouble maker around the house. The UNpolice investigating the violence in Baucau in Viqueque from last month now say that the perpatrators were as much as 70% children under the age of 15. Can you imagine your 15 yr old burning down a government building or a school. I guess Timor needs some help with their parenting skills!

Jago and the new Eco lodge a local NGO is building there was beautiful as usual although it had hardly made any progress since I was there in Feburary. There has been major work done thoughout Los Palos though, especially to the roads which the project is improving for the eventual tourism. This trip we were able to visit some cave paintings near Jago which I never had time for before. It was only a short hike from the road and was well worth it. Although the actual paintings were mostly weathered and non-existent the location is amazing. The caves are not so much caves as overhangs on the bottom of huge cliffs. The spot is about 1km above the beach and overlooks Jago island. Awesome spot. I couldn't help but think it was the best rock climbing spot in the world although doubtful many have rock climbed there for sport. The location was actually quite developed with a path constructed during Indonesian occupation leading through the woods to the caves. It even had picnic tables in two spots. Some of the rocks on the ways were very smooth as if thousands of people had been to visit. No doubt it was a popular tourist attraction twenty years ago. They must of only recently cleared the path through the jungle as they are really fixing the area up for tourism. It was a great trip and even included the mandatory fish and coconut rice lunch on the beach the last day. mmm....

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

7 day fast

I am in Ubud, Bali. I know I am lucky. This time just came for a week for my three month R&R. Not happy with the prospect of another vacation alone so I decided to make it worth while and booked myself into a health resort. I am now 4 days into a 7 day fast. Strictly speaking it is not a true fast as they give me supplements three times a day and fresh juice if i want it. I have also been doing yoga and meditation everyday, I have at least one massage, and colonics. So far it has been easy and I have just been real tired. Yesterday I took a mid day nap from 1pm to 7pm. Life is ruff. I think I am finally starting to detox now. My tongue has changed color and I have a light headache. The cravings for food are becoming stronger. What I would do for a pizza. I am done on friday and will go to Seminyak for another three days. I will be meeting up with some friends there. Hopefully will be doing some shopping and a day or two of surfing. Getty up! lv jesse