Monday, March 12, 2007

Calma Fali

Wut up y'all. The security situation here has been good the last couple days. In fact, we haven't had a single security incident in almost 5 days which is unusual. It is incredibly calm on the streets. I moved back into my house and spent the whole weekend there. It was nice to be in my own place again. In Dili everyone has returned to work, all stores are open, and people seem to feel security is good. Last week when the Timorese military came to town everyone stepped into line quick. They are afraid of the Timorese military unlike the international forces because the Timorese will actually punish someone. There was some violence suspected as a verdict from the trail of Lobato came out last week. Although it didn't happen. Turns out he actually got jail time although only 7.5 yrs for 4 counts of manslaughter. It was enough time not to upset some people and not extreme enough to upset others. It seems to have been a political verdict decision, but who knows. So things are calm again at least until the presidential election on April 9th. take care. lv jesse

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