Sunday, August 27, 2006

This is the finished roof with two access doors.


Nancy Murray said...

HI Jesse,

I see you are back in Timor and by the looks of it, enjoying yourself. I believe our group in Thailand in the late 80's was one of the last ones given motorcycle training. I can really relate to your enthusiasm for the bike!!

OUr group was unable to go to ET this summer b ut we are hoping to bring some youth ere for exchange and some vocational training. We have been asked to look into the possibility for training in mechanics, specifically training with Toyotas and Landcruisers in particular. Do you know if the Toyotas in ET are gas or diesel engines? Are there other Toyota's in use?

In Thailand every village had a little mechanic shop that could fix tires on bikes, motorcycles and small trucks and who sold fuel and do minot repairs. Are there such shops in the countryside of Timor? IS there a need?

I hope these questions don't put you out too much. Being so far away, I try to you every resource I can find.


Nancy Murray
RPCV Thailand
currently in Colorado

jessepants said...

Tons of toyota's. all diesel. It is about the same here with all the shops in every village at least with the ones along the road.