Sunday, September 24, 2006

Car accident

bondia.  Things are well as usual.  The project is proceeding well.  We finished the tank walls and I am quite happy that none of the forms burst open so we will have perfect walls.  Now that the walls are done and the tank has taken its shape you can really feel the size of it.  It is enormous definitely the largest thing I have ever built.  When we poured the cement for the second half of the walls we had the largest crew of timorese to date.  I ran a crew of 48, hopefully not to many people stood around smoking.  I was on them hard and made them all work.  It went well except we ran out of plates at lunch and had to eat in two shifts.  My contract is up in only two more weeks but I will extend to finish the project or at least the water tanks as they really need me.  For now that brings me to sometime in November.   
The only other thing that happened this week was on the way out to the project last monday.  As I went slowly through a spot on the road covered with water another whom was trying to pass for a couple kilometers decided to go around me and proceeded to get stuck in the mud.  Another car and I both stopped and helped him out of the mud.  He seemed in a rush and instantly took off after a quick thank you.  I got back in my car a continued down the road.  5 minutes later around a blind corner I see a man standing on the side of the road pointing over the edge.  I stopped to find that the same car we pushed out of the mud came around the corner to wide hit some gravel and flew off the edge.  The car dropped 10ft over the ledge and rolled twice.  The guy inside was not injured except a small scrape on his arm.  the other car came and we went down to check the car.  We found a tree impelled through the windshield and stuck straight through the drivers seat.  I don't know how it missed the guy but luck was definitely on his side.  We helped him with his stuff, rolled the car over, called the police, and was again on my way.
Ok.  Have a good week.  Miss ya.  lv jesse

Jesse Shapiro
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