Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Howdie.  has it really been two weeks since my last email.  Things are good.  Megan, a x-PCV, was just here for a visit but leaves today.  It was good to drum up some old PC memories.  She spent most here time out at her site so we didn't hang out that much but it was good to see her.  My work for Triangle has ended, well actually ends on Sunday.  The project has gone well and is being finished up at lightening speed.  Everything has been coming together nicely and should be working by the weeks end.  The systems will be handed over to the communities this week.  Although work for Triangle there has ended it won't for me.  I have officially decided to my Master's project about the water systems there and will be going back in a couple weeks to do a final survey of the systems.  This week I have been in Dili and will be for good.  I have finally moved to Dili.  Wow I can't believe it.  I have looking for work and just this morning agreed to start work for Plan.  Plan is an international NGO I think there website is www.plan-international.org .  I will be helping to do water and sanitation in the IDP(internal displaced people), otherwise known as refugees, camp in Metinaro just on the east side of Dili.  They believe there is about 7000 people there and they have almost no access to water and sanitation.  It will be exciting and a big experience for me.  I have a one month contract with them and then possibility for becoming staff in January.  I start on Monday.  Happy thanksgiving.  Miss you all.  lv jesse

Jesse Shapiro
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