Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New Government

Today Xanana was sworn in as Prime Minister and the new government announced.  It was almost a clean sweep as the AMP alliance cleaned out most of the Fretilin government even the Minister of Health who was loved by all.  Xanana has promised a lot, like most politicians, let’s just hope he can live up to some of it.  Hey, I am an optimist.  Quite a bit is going to change in the government besides just the changing of people as the structure has been changed.  New ministries have been created even one for fisheries.  Huh?  People laughed as they heard announcements of certain ministries new ministers cause they believe they were inappropriate people or like the Ministry of Planning and Finance… who’s office was burned to the ground only yesterday by demonstrations alleging this illegal formation of the government.  I don’t know what the constitution says but it does seem weird that Fretilin, with 30% of the vote and the winner of the election, has not been included in its formation.  Oh well.


The department of water and sanitation will also be moved  back under the Secretary of State along with Electricity and a new department called Urbanization.  This looks real good for water and sanitation as the secretary of state has some technical background which will help to make good decisions.  Only hours after being announced he even came by for a visit.  That has got to be a great sign right?   Laters






Meredith said...

Hey Jess - not sure of your political background but have you noticed that in pretty well every democracy around the world that a political party has to get over 50% to govern? In Australia my party of choice has got over 49% of the vote for the last 11 years but the 'Coalition' gets just over 50% each time so they get to govern - and they don't include any Labor members in their ministry. What political system are you suggesting Timor-Leste use? 71% of Timorese did not vote for Fretilin - so presumably Fretilin needs to go away and ask why - not expect to be part of the government. And histroy shows that governments of 'grand unity' without an opposition are not good for the country. The opposition provides important scrutiny and checks and balances to prevent corruption and abuse of power.

The parties that are prepared to work together and get the numbers have to be free to govern - that is why we have elections!

jessepants said...

Your political analysis is 100% correct but I am sorry to say you are completely wrong. Your first mistake was taking my blog seriously. My blog has only one purpose and that is to let my family and friends back in Gud Ol' Amerika know that I am not dead and maybe make them giggle once in a while. My blog should never be confused for adding any rational or valuable political commentary to world.
My comments about Fretilin were not necessarily my own but are shared feelings of many Timorese that do not except their new government and claim it as illegal. Inclusion of the winning party in the new government or not is not clear in the Timorese Constitution and therefore the controversy.
During the last two weeks, as a result of the possible illegal formation of the new government, East Timor has been experiencing some unrest. There have been motivated groups raping and pillaging the eastern part of the island. They have burned out villages resulting in as many as 10000 new IDPs. They have caused closure of roads, fired on military and police, and have even attacked Baucau town destroying NGO, government offices, schools and private buildings. I suggest you get on a helicopter, as it is the only current safe transport, and go to Viqueque and Baucau and explain to the pillaging gangs and IDPs all about how the non-inclusion of Fretilin in the new government is good for them and democracy!