Monday, October 08, 2007

Halai 5km

Last weekend was a 5km race in Dili put on by Timor Telecom, the communications monopoly here. It was a lot of fun and had a good turn out which inlcuded predominately Timorese. If you can believe it my huge posterior actually joined in all the fun too. Here is a picture of me running into the finish. I still don't believe I finished the race in the 4pm heat with my steady regiment of beer drinking and pasta consumption but somehow I managed to stay in the middle of the pack. Also running was my roommate Sarah, shown in the next photo, and another friend Nelson. Sarah did quite well, infact she came in second for the women. The top five finishers for men and women received prizes. Sarah won something which they kept calling a "wifi," we can only assume it was some kind of stero thingy. As the good humanitarian though after trying to give it the next girl in line ended up giving it to the sixth place girl. We waited all the way unitl last night and the race was finally on TV. We all huddled around the home owners TV and caught the amazing 90sec broadcast. Surprisingly or not we all made it on. Nelson and I were only flashes as we ran across the screen or where in the back ground you could see my hair but Sarah got the hard time. They aired her 20second section of the prize ceremony. Funny she was the only one to later give it away. Para benz.

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when you gonna update this thing??? I live and die by your every word.