Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Dili is still extremely calm, which is due mostly to “State of Siege” in which there have been virtually no security incidents in a couple weeks. So, other than the 10pm curfew it has been back to normal life in Timor for us expats. I have been putting my new bike to use or at least getting out two times a week. It has been a big advantage on the flats but seems to be a disadvantage on the mountains as it has the wrong gear ratios for the steeps.

Last two weeks have been chalked full of birthdays so we have been partying within the best of our ability under the curfew. This weekend got a bit routy after a four or five hour stint of karaoke. The next day was International Women’s day. I did my best to honor women by letting my girlfriend pick movies while I made lunch. Unfortunately this resulted in watching two Mandy Moore movies back to back. Ouch, the sacrifices men have to make. I did fall asleep during one.

I have a busy schedule this month. This weekend I am going to Maubissie with some friends and we will ride our bikes back. It will be the first true test for my bike in the mountains. We may have a group of 10 which will be exciting. Then next week my girlfriend’s parents are coming to Timor for a visit and we are going to travel to Jaco island for the Easter weekend. I will get to help show them around and visit my host family a bit. The proceeding Monday I am flying back to the US. Although this time not for a visit home but to Michigan to try and finish my master’s report. After that it will be directly back to Timor and back to work.


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