Wednesday, July 20, 2011

drinking water?

Anyone want a drink? This is a shot of one of the Majuro water reservoirs. Yumm.

Work is going well, had a visit from my boss and AusAid this week and looking at upcoming projects here. I am a bit more settled in my house now, had the delivery of my a couch last week and now have a great place to sit. Also had some fans and screen doors installed so am starting to feel more relaxed at home, no internet yet though. Although, I did see my first rat, he ate all my cucumber and tomato seedlings, Ahh.

Will be going out to a small island this weekend and be back just in time to download and watch the end of Le Tour about a day after it actually happens. Go Cadel! Then will be off on tues again, flying over to the second island I will be working on, Ebeye. We get to go through a US airforce base which is there and apparently there is a subway and good shopping, like a little mini amerika. My counterpart says I will have a traditional welcome out there which is cool. He knows the senators and I am sure means a big party with lots of food. Anyway will let you know how it goes.

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