Sunday, September 10, 2006


This week has been good.  Vincent came back and we went out the project together.  He is still not one hundred percent and has trouble on the bad roads.  Because of this I think I will still have to run most of the day to day project activities while he will focusing on the organization part especially since our boss has gone on vacation to France for three weeks.  Things are going well and we should be drilling some wells soon and finishing up with bulk of the project before my contract is up.  I had a good weekend in dili.  went to the beach and ate tons of good food.  the security situation is normal.  sorry not much else to report this week. 
This week on "Living in a Dili"
While biking through Dili I got passed by two tanks on the street.  you know the giant metal boxes that don't have tires but run on rotating metal teeth.  I thought to myself.  That was awesome and wow they can really go fast.  Then the relative difference between me on a bike with only as much as a helmet and sandals vs the Australian troops in the tank with full battle gear and giant guns that could probably survival a direct hit by a bomb really sank in and I got a bit scared but kept peddling.       
Miss ya.  lv jesse

Jesse Shapiro
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