Sunday, September 17, 2006

hash run

bondia!  another week has gone by after hard work in the dry hot sun.  This week started off on the wrong foot as I left Dili last week without the key to the house in Laleia.  I was then able to stay with the head of the water committee in laleia which was nice and reminded a lot of my host family in Baucau.  I finally was able to make it out the job site the next day after borrowing motorcycle and was able to start work again.  Since there is so much to do now on the project and vincent is back we have split up responsibilities.  I have been managing primary the water tank construction which means long days in the hot sun.  I started to get a great farmers tan and my hair has turned blond again on the top.  I bought a Timorese grass hat which I think looks a bit silly but the timorese love it and says I look great.  It is a bit like a Vietnamese hat although flairs up near the edges.  anyway it serves its purpose well and keeps my face in the shade.  I went back to Baucau again this week and spent another week with the fam.  It was good and I think I will continue to try and get there every weekend since I live so close.  I got into Dili on Saturday just in time to join in on the East Timor hash run.  If anyone is clueless on what that is don't feel bad as I didn't know what it was either until I was doing it.  I thought it was just a group going for a jog.  Not to simplify it too much but it is more like a fraternity for people who want fit exercise into their drinking regiment.  It is very social and fun.  You basically run in a group around the city following marks on the road.  The marks are scarce and usually result in the group breaking up at intersection to find the right direction.  We ran through yards toxic drainage ditches and over barbed wire.  The Timorese watched with extended jaws as they couldn't possibly understand what was happening.  Heck I barely got it.  Upon the finish after being well dehydrated the group proceeds to drink as much as possible.  They have a song and a bit of ceremony which coerces the shy into taking part.  Since it was my first time I also had a mentor who ran with me a pried for dirty secrets which were then told to the group at the end with a bit of exaggeration.  Erin and Sarah also had a house warming party at their new house near tibasi.  It was a good time and I even won the best guest prize which consisted of taking home two beers and the leftover chicken.  Score!  This morning is busy then I am back out to the project.  We are pouring cement again tomorrow as the tank nears completion.  Two more weeks and it should be done.  Then only one more to go.  My contract is up soon so hopefully can fit it in before then.  I have started to think about an extension or looking for a new job.  I don't know yet what I want but will definitely want something that will be good for finding a research topic to finish my master's degree.  Ok talk next week.  take care.  lv jesse 

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