Thursday, February 22, 2007

The worst of weeks

Although I am excited to finally take a vacation at the end of next week I have had a rough week.  First off I have been told that my grandfather well and is in the hospital.  My mom and brother have gone to see him and are keeping me informed.  Second due to a financial problem at work I had to fire 16 workers over night.  It is amazing how making a decision and executing it like that is really so difficult.  It was complicated by the fact that they were all good workers and were given no warning.  I really felt bad and couldn't eat much all day or sleep a wink.  These men were my friends and they used to trust me.  This is really my first time ever managing people so I guess it I have taken it a bit hard.  Being someones boss sounds all good until you have to do the dirty work.  Especially when it is someone else's.  This experience has made me look forward to my coming vacation even more than before.  I just need a bit of an escape from this world to reorient myself.  Cheers,
lv jesse

Jesse Shapiro
Water and Sanitation Engineer
Plan International
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Phil Lucero said...

Too bad bro. Laying off people sucks...not that I would know...but I've been laid off and it sucked...I'm sure that doesn't help however. Anyway, live it up on your vacation. Have a Tiger Beer and a mango for me. I wish I could be there to rebel rouse with you. Until next the way...we need to plan something embarasing for Dylan's b-day...any thoughts??

Phil Lucero said...

I meant wedding day...not b-day...oops.