Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Roda Kuak

On Tuesday I went out to my car to find it had a flat tire.  Whether the work of a trouble maker or just all the multiple sharp objects I encounter everyday this was a common occurrence.   Before I could do anything I had two Timorese there asking, really almost begging to give me a hand.  As I had just showered and was clean I took them up on their offer.  When I tried to help they just shooed me away.  They made quick work of the change although as usual they had a bit of trouble getting the jack in the right place to get the car high enough.  They had to run off and get some random hunk of metal which added to the jacks height.  I tried to tell them they were putting the jack in the wrong place but they didn’t listen.  They finished and I was off.  I offered thanks and to buy them cigarettes but they were already satisfied and had their own. 



Jesse Shapiro


IDP Technical Support & Service Advisor to

Direccao Nacional Aguas e Sanemento (DNAS) Timor Leste 

Oxfam Australia



(+670) 732-6275



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