Monday, June 11, 2007

Timor fali

Monday morning I packed my bags had lunch with some friends and made it to the Albuquerque airport for my return to Timor.  When I tried to check-in I was informed my ticket had been cancelled that morning at 4am.  Well,  I was at Albuquerque airport, I had no cell phone, all my friends were at work, what was one to do?  Who was responsible?  I grabbed my bags and huffed it about 200m across the street to the nearest hotel with Internet (ABQ airport has no Internet).  From there I found out that my ticket had been cancelled due to some confusion over payment.  I was stuck in ABQ.  I called a friend and got back to my brother's house where I got on the Internet and purchased new ticket.  Unfortunately I was only able to get on the wait list for the flight from LAX to Hong Kong.  When I got to LAX the next day the decision proved itself.  The flight was overbooked so I lost another day and was stuck in LA.  Because of the the flight timing I didn't do much but hang in the hotel and use the hot tub over and over. Not too bad actually. Wednesday I finally got on a flight for Asia.  With another night in Bali I screeched into Timor on Saturday morning in just under 6 days.  Woo.  Back at last.

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