Friday, August 24, 2007

Rapid Assessment

After a week delay a team was finally able to hop on a UN heli and fly out to Uatolari and Uatocarbau in the Viqueque district to due a rapid assessment after some unrest. Earlier this month multiple communities in these areas were burned down and pillaged by a large mob. Here is a photo just as we were re-boarding the helicopter after the assessment. It landed in the village soccer field.

Although the reality of the violence was not what had been suspected it was still quite bad. One village had almost every building burned to the ground including the school. Most of the other villages had only selected burned houses including this one pictured which happens to be right in front of the local police station in the rear.

Back in Dili things are good. Next week I am going to Bali for a 7 day fast and some relaxation. Will send an update from there. paz. jesse

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