Friday, October 05, 2007

Bball Finals

Here is a picture of the Ministry Natrual Resources, Minerals, and Energy (MRNMEP) basketball team. I am the one in the center. No way! Amazingly we have made it into the finals which will be played later this month. So far we have lost only one game, which was by only one point and against the team we will now have to play again in the Final. We are but humble water or electricity workers whereas their team has three of the East Timor national squad.

Timorese are quite small and the uniform doesn't quite fit so well as you can tell. I had to use another pair of shorts. Unfortunelately our team receives a technical foul every game for this. Normally I would feel bad as I am the only foreigner in the entire tournament but I don't. One reason is I am not much better than most the players anyway. Also I do actually work in the Ministry and should be able to play, which is more than I can say for other teams which have clearly recruited outside their sections.

Anyway wish us luck in the Final and if you happen to be in Timor on October 18th, 3:25pm at the UNAMET(?) courts in Comoro give us a cheer.

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mr_john said...

Hi there,

Do you still play regularly in Dili? If so, where? I've been playing a bit at the school next to the big open soccer fields (Democracy field?).

Are there other games around?

See you 'round,