Monday, February 11, 2008



I am so disappointed I haven’t blogged in almost five months but I am determined to get back on track. I could say I was busy or sick or something but really I just got lazy. Now I am back and instead of writing one long post with everything that has gone on in the last five months I will just continue to blog and hopefully the past will present itself.

Yesterday I went for a bike ride which resulted in the following picture. Less than one hundred feet from my destination was swarm of bees which I happened to ride through. Like bullets they bounced off my helmet and face. One lucky one got logged between my helmet and sunglasses. Only seconds later fending for its life as I swatted and shook it went for the kill. Fortunately I am over two hundred pounds and it probably weighs 2 oz so I survived but only nearly with these wounds.

The destination was Metinaro where my roommate Sarah was placed during Peace Corps. One of the families she is close with just had a new baby and guess what they named it…Jesse. Yep and not randomly either. Sarah had actually suggested it. Sarah now calls it my namesake so I thought it important I go for a visit. The baby looks great and seemed to take a bit of a likening to me. The Timorese think it is hilarious and we spent the afternoon trying to decide how to distinguish between us. Either big Jesse and little Jesse. Or white Jesse and black Jesse. At this point either one gets a laugh. This now accounts for at least the fifth Jesse in Timor that I know of. Me, other peace corps Jesse, jess my girlfriend (see told you the past was coming), jesse my friend Catherine’s sister, and the new baby. Watch out we are taking over and your neighborhood is next.

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