Thursday, March 27, 2008

Holy Snow!

Just after take off the pilot rings in to let us know that the fasten seat belt sign is off and we are free to roam about the cabin. He also added that the weather in Houghton is breezy with a fresh dusting of snow. "What the @$#! Isn't it supposed to be spring?"This was my reaction yesterday as I was flying back to MI after almost 3 years abroad. I knew it would be colder than the tropics but was hoping for somewhat spring weather. Unfortunately my flipflops were not the best choice for footwear that day. Once inside the terminal I scrambled for my shoes and every piece of clothing I could find. It is winter here. The cannal is forzen and there is more than a dusting of snow. There is still skiing! That was the wonderful end to my three day trip from Timor back to school in Michigan. It started off a bit better with about 24hrs in Bali filled with good food and massages. Then about 8hrs in Narita, Japan on layover. I made it out to some temples and sushi. Pictures will follow.

I am now back on campus and working to get an office, my computer online, and start the work on my master's report. Last night I had a warm welcome, as it happened it was the night of the Peace Corps monthly social. Just off the plane I was in a pub with pizza and beer and meeting new student and old friends. I hope to run into a couple more old friends today that I have heard are around. My jet lag is still pretty heavy so think I will head back for a nap here in a bit. talk to ya again soon with some pictures. paz


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