Monday, December 29, 2008

merry xmas

just found out my bf phil is engaged to my other bf liz. congrats

i am in sao paulo airport in brazil on the way to salvador where we will rent a car to drive to the Univeral Parallel music festival for the next three days invluding New Years. i am looking forward to four days in a bathing suit eating friend food, drinking brazilian beer, and dancing all night. Got to try it once right? There we will meet back up with my brasilian friend we left behind in rio.

Three of us just left manaus where we spent three nights in the amazon basin at a river lodge, one night in the jungle. It was a great time, even got hold a aligator, catch piranas, and build my own shelter in the jungle. We ate a lot of fish and even had caparinhas, my new favorite drink, for xmas dinner, i just about forgot about xmas all together but the group reminded us. I have some great pictures but will have to wait for the cable which is in my checked luggage, probably from rio when we get back there next week.

I hope everyone had a nice xmas. sorry i didnt get anyone a present but i just know i am thinking of you all. happy new years and give a kiss to someone you love. Me, i will be looking for a beasutiful brazilian babe.


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Anonymous said...

Thanx for the shout out. We are a merry, gonna-be-married lot up here in the states. Why the hell are you going to Mosambique...and why can't I come? Oh yeah...I'm too domestic and cookie cutter. Damn!